Daren Rotherham

Daren is a Close up Magician in Kent, specialising in performing mind-blowing/high class close up magic in intimate/close up settings.

Using sleight of hand and misdirection to create a sense of wonder and astonishment right in front of audience’s eyes.

So why Daren I hear you ask?

Well Daren has been performing close up magic for over 25 years so is very experienced close up magician.

As predominately a close up magician in Kent, Daren will guarantee a jaw-dropping experience for all who see his performances.

Daren Rotherham is extremely passionate about performing high class close up magic.

Takes great pride in ensuring that every close up magic performance is very memorable for you all.

I have posted a link to the testimonials below, please do spend some time reviewing those comments made from previous clients.

If you want to experience my close up magic please do get in touch.

Just take a look at the lady’s face in the photo, this is the type of reaction you can expect when hiring Daren for your event.

She could not believe her eyes when her signed £5 note appeared inside a locked box and tin.

Close up magic is a very versatile form of entertainment and can fit into your requirements.

There is no special lighting or equipment needed, everything Daren needs is on his person.

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A couple of YouTube videos of Daren performing to camera